Terms and Procedure of membership

Members of the Association can be all individuals and legal entities, other associations and companies, who/which accept the goals of the Association and the Statute and submit an application for membership to the Board of Directors of the Association, that are publicly stated as persons with positive reputation and respect in the society, and against who/which in the time of receipt there is no any conducted investigation. The call for membership is currently open.
Members of the Association are Founders and Associates. The decision on admission to associate membership is made by the Board of Directors and immediately notifies the applicant. A Member may withdraw from membership by giving a written statement of withdrawal. Membership in the Association may be terminated due to long inactivity of the member, non-compliance with the provisions of the Statute or damage to the reputation of the Association.

Rights and obligations of members

A member of the Association is entitled to:

  • Equal participation with other members in achieving the goals of the Association.

  • Directly participates in decision making in the Assembly, as well as through the organs of the Association.

  • To elect and be elected to the institutions of the Association, and to be delegated on behalf of the Association to authorities and organizations in the country and at the international level.

  • To participate in the work of the institutions of the Association, expert commissions and working bodies in accordance with the Statute.

  • To be timely and fully informed about the work and activities of the Association.

  • To rise initiatives and projects within the framework of objectives and tasks of the Association.

A member of the Association shall:

  • Abide by the Statute, general acts and all decisions of the organs of the Association.

  • Actively contribute to achieving the objectives of the Association.

  • To participate, in accordance with the interests, in the activities of the Association.

  • Conscientiously, professionally and timely carry out tasks assigned to and which he/she accepted in the Association.

  • Protect the reputation of the Association.

  • Pay membership fee.

  • Perform other tasks entrusted to it by the Board of Directors.

  • Fulfill other obligations and responsibilities arising from the Law and Statute of this Association.