The Board of directors is the executive body of the Association which ensures the achievement of the objectives of the Association as specified in the Statute. The Board of directors decides unanimously. The Steering Committee has 3 members elected and recalled by the Assembly. The term of office of members of the Board of Directors shall be four years and may be re-elected to the same function. The Board of directors shall elect a president and a deputy chairman from the ranks of its members.

Board of directors:

  • Shall be responsible for the implementation of the objectives of the Association established by this Statute.

  • Determine the work plans and programs of the Association's development, monitor their implementation and, if necessary, propose and take the necessary measures.

  • Considers application for membership in the Association.

  • If necessary, appoint members of working bodies and expert committees.

  • Develops material and financial plans.

  • Grant special acknowledgments to individuals and organizations.

  • Manage the work of the Association between the two sessions of the Assembly and make decisions in order to achieve the goals of the Association.

  • Organizes regular activities of the Association.

  • Entrusts specific tasks to individual members.

  • Makes financial decisions.

  • Decides to initiate the procedure for amendments to the Statute, by its own initiative or at the proposal of at least five members of the Association, and prepare a proposal for amendments that it submits to the Assembly for adoption.

  • Decidse on other issues for which other bodies of the Association are not authorized, by law or this Statute.