Association Assembly is the highest authority and is constituted of all members of the Association. The Assembly meets regularly once a year. An extraordinary session of the Assembly can be scheduled on a reasoned proposal of the Board of directors, as well as the initiative of at least one third of the members of the Assembly. The initiative should be submitted to the Board of directors in writing and it must specify the issues which should be considered. Assembly session convenes the Chairman of the Board of directors with written notice of the place and time of the Assembly session and the draft agenda. The session is chaired by a person who is, by public vote, elected at the beginning of the session. The Assembly decides fully if at least one half of the members are present. The Assembly shall decide by a majority of the members present. The decision on amending the Statute, status changes and dissolution of the Association requires a two-thirds majority of votes of the present members. Assembly sessions can be organized by telephone or electronically.

Association assembly:

  • Brings the plan and program of activities.

  • Adopts the Statute, as well as changes and additions to the Statute.

  • Adopts other general acts of the Association.

  • Elects and dismisses members of the Board of directors.

  • Considers and adopts, at least once a year, the report of the Board of directors.

  • Considers and adopts the financial plan and report.

  • Decides on status changes and dissolution of the association

  • Decides on joining to federations and other associations in the country and abroad.