To achieve goals, CeSMIP carries out the following activities:

  • Collect and process scientific and professional literature in the scientific field of security, management, international relations, but also from other fields of science.

  • Organize, alone or in cooperation with other institutions, scientific and professional conferences, consultations, seminars, symposiums, lectures, forums, summits, trainings, round tables, presentations, academic meetings, study visits, student practices, summer schools, workshops, research projects, intercultural programs, trainings, panel discussions and other forms of education in the fields of security, management and international relations.

  • Conduct scientific, applied, developing and innovative researches of the highest social significance, which can be multidisciplinary, strategic, theoretical and practical in character, and for the specific goal of advancing knowledge, promoting science and implementing innovations.

  • Publish thematic proceedings, journals, monographs, books, periodicals and other publications, such as various studies, strategies, analysis and databases of importance for security, management and international relations.

  • Cooperate with universities, faculties, professional associations and centers, as well as other organizations in the country and abroad dealing with security, management and international relations in order to exchange information, develop partnership and joint action.

  • Participate in the development and promotion of young researchers, as well as the professional positions of young people through practices, training and volunteerism.

  • Compete for funds and participate in the implementation of various projects funded by the state and other domestic and foreign institutions, especially in the field of education, science and other programs that can have a humane character.

  • Organize activities related to the social responsibility of economic and scientific organizations and institutions.

  • Perform consulting and management activities for legal and physical persons in the field of security, management and international relations.

  • Take care of protecting the interests of scientific workers and experts in the field of security, management and international relations.